Jamat Ul-Vida holy festival CELEBRATION

What is Jamat-Ul-Vida
Jamat-ul-Vida is a special and holy festival falls every year a day before the end of Ramzan month. At this day Muslim people perform special prayer (in addition to their regular Friday prayers) by reciting their Holy Quran for whole day.
Ji-Ul-Vida Festival
According to the Islamic cultures and traditions is every Friday of the week a special day and source of blessings and salvation. JI-ul-Vida is also known as the Jummat-al-widā, in which good wishes of the Holy Quran. People celebrate this festival by their holy book Quran, special prayers and many social works to blessings. On this day people get involved in charity work such as the feeding of the poor and defenseless people to reward of God.
Over thousands of Muslim people get together to attend their special styphante-ul-Vida festival, which is the last prayer of the month of Ramzan. It is celebrated in the nearby mosques of the city by performing prayer for peace, success and harmony in the world.
JI-Ul-Vida 2018
JI-ul-Vida 2018 would be celebrated worldwide by the people of Islam religion on 17 July, on Friday.
JI-Ul-Vida history
According to Islam-culture and tradition, the Prophet Mohammad had stated something unique about the special Friday. He said that Friday is the most special and blessed day than other days so, if anyone spend this day worship and reciting the Holy Quran would be always protected during the whole week of the Allah. Muslim people believe that on this day an Angel of God comes to the mosque and the Imam (Friday prayers) is listening. People get rewarded if they go to the mosque for prayer in the early morning. The Prophet Mohammad had also stated that Allah would forgive all sins as a Friday Namaaz regularly performs.
JI-Ul-Vida celebration
JI-ul-Vida is the most special and religious festival for the Muslim people who faithfully on this day to their central mosk

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