Here we are providing by Previous Year question paper of SOFTWARE ENGINEERING (SE) is thought in the Forth Semester in B.C.A courses offered by Uttarakhand Technical university (UTU).

Last year paper of Software Engineering UTU
UTU (SEM-IV) Examination – 2018

Time Duration: 3 hrs.                                                          Total Marks: 70                                                                                                                      

Instruction:  Attempt and five questions. All questions carry equal marks.

(a) What is the principal aim of the software engineering discipline? What does the discipline Of software engineering, discuss?
         (b) What do you understand by the expression “life cycle model of                software development”? Why it is important to adhere to a life cycle              model during the development of a large Software product?


    2.  (a) What are the major phases in waterfall model of software                        development? Which phase consumes the maximum effort for                      developing a typical software product?

         (b) Explain why the spiral life cycle model is considered to be a Meta            model?

(a) What is a prototype? Under what circumstances is it beneficial to        construct a prototype?
         (b) Suppose you were to plan to undertake the development of a                  product be set with a large number of technical as well as customer              related risks. Which life cycle model you adopt? Justify your answer.

(a) What are the different categories of software development project, according to, the COCOMO estimation model?
         (b) What do you understand by the term ‘functional independence’ in            the context of functional design? What is the advantage of functional            independence?

(a) What do you mean by balancing a DFD? Illustrate your answer with suitable example.
         (b) Distinguish between error and failure. Which of the two is detected          by testing? Justify your answer.

    6.  (a) What are driver and stub modules in the context of integration and           unit testing of a software product? Why are stub and driver modules             required?

        (b) What is the different between black box testing and white box                 testing?

(a) What is meant by a code walk-through? List the important types of errors checked during code walk-through
         (b) When the project planning activity does starts and  in software life          cycle? List the important activities of software project manager                      performed during project planning.

Write short notes on the following:
        i)  Cohesion and Coupling

       ii)  CASE

      iii)  Top-down decomposition.

      iv).  Software Crises

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