UPSC Results declared (Civil Services Prelims Exam) Result Online

UPSC Results declares (Civil Services Rrelims Exam) Result Online The UPSC 16,933 candidates on Tuesday declared as successful in the civil service (introduction) research 2018. The results come barely seven weeks after almost 4.5 lakh candidates appeared for the first phase of the elite research that selects the land above bureaucracy.

The qualified candidates will now have to apply for the examination of the administrations (Main) of 14 December 2018 are held.
The 50-day gap between the prelims research on 24 August and explanation of results is a record of sorts, such as average expensive so far 68 days. “Successful applicants will get more time this year to study as a result of early Declaration of results,” Ashim Khurana Agency reports on Tuesday quoted UPSC Secretary as saying.

Up by 4, 52, 334 candidates for the prelims exam this year, which was held outside the normal schedule such as violent protests broke out against the pattern of the Aptitute Test administrations (CSAT) introduced in 2012.

According to Khurana there was a 40 percent increase in the number of students appear for the examination this year, with only 3, 24, 279 candidates to have taken the test in 2013.

Successful candidates will now have to fill up the detailed application form (DAF), which may be available on the website UPSC between 28 October and 11 November, for the treatment of the mains are. The same can be submitted online. Then, they must send a printed copy of the form of the DAF online submitted, duly signed by them and accompanied by the prescribed fees, to come to the UPSC by 18 November.

The certificate of the admission of the candidates are on the UPSC website, together with the timetable of the most important research, about 2 weeks before the investigation uploaded.

The UPSC on Tuesday made it clear that candidates brands, brands and answer keys of cutoff prelims research will be provided only after the entire process of the public administration research 2018 is over and the final result is declared. “No application under RTI Act, 2005, or otherwise, will be entertained,” she said in a press release.

The UPSC also separately on Tuesday declared the list of successful candidates who have qualified for admission to 1.106 the Indian Forest Service (Main) research, 2018, to be held on 22 November.

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