United India Insurance General Awareness GA Question Answers 2018

United India Insurance General Awareness and Current Affairs Question Answers 2018 United India Insurance General Awareness GA Question Answers 2018

1. The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) World Investment Report published by the year 2018, direct foreign investment in the country is-
(A) USA (B) Japan (c) China (d) India (e) Russia (Ans: a)

2. Which of the following recent Philadelphia Liberty Medal for Human Rights has been selected for 2018?
(A) Anna (b) the Dalai Lama (c) Asman Jahangir (d) Kailash Pradhan (e) Mansi head (Ans: b)

3. The capital of the Union Territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli Forms
(A) Silvassa (b) Dispur (c) Amboli (d) Kwarti (e) Bedpa (Ans: a)

4. Which of the following entities associated with the United Nations specialized agency attached to the International Health Forms
(A) WFO (b) WPO (c) WWF (d) WHO (e) WTO (Ans: d)

5. Unit-linked savings schemes (ELSS) of a type of equity mutual funds in which we are to receive the tax exemption
(A) of the Income Tax Act under section 80 C (b) of the Income Tax Act under section 80 G
(C) of the Income Tax Act under section 80 E (d) of the Income Tax Act under section 80 D
(E) Income Tax Act under section 80 F (Ans: a)

6. Which of the following countries, India recently with the next 5 years to obtain uranium-related agreements are signed
(A) Japan (b) Germany (c) Netherlands (d) Canada (e) Russia (Ans: d)

7. Sukanya Prosperity Plan accounts can be opened under the name of a child whose age does not exceed ……
(A) 10 years (b) 9 years (c) 7 years (d) 16 years (e) 5 years (Ans: a)

8. Europe’s largest natural gas field, “located in the Groningen gas field is-
(A) France (b) Netherlands (c) Switzerland (d) Austria (e) Belgium (Ans: b)

9. Keoladeo Ghana National Park, located in the Indian state is-
(A) Karnataka (b) Maharashtra (c) Madhya Pradesh (d) Rajasthan (e) Gujarat (Ans: d)

10. Information and Communications Minister, who is currently in the Union Cabinet? –
(A) Mr. Prakash Javedkr (b) Mr. Suresh Prabhu (c) Mr. Rajnath Singh (d) Mr. Naidu (e) Mr. Arun Jaitley (Ans: e)

11. Which of the following was the first private bank to its customers Voyls password feature is launched?
(A), HDFC Bank (b) Axis Bank (c), ICICI Bank (d) IndusInd Bank (e) Yes Bank (Ans: c)

12. The International Monetary Fund is an international organization, whose headquarters Forms
(A) Washington D. C. U. s. a. (B) Geneva, Switzerland (c) The Hague, Netherlands (d) Rome, Italy (e) New York, USA (Ans: a)

13. The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision is related to the regulation of the banking industry, the Basel Convention on the recommendations made by the committee stated. The committee’s headquarters is located in ……
(A) Switzerland (b) Netherlands (c) USA (d) Austria, (e) Canada (Ans: a)

14. Charles Correa has died at the age of 84, was India’s greatest ……
(A) poet (b) Journalists (c) designer (d) Architect (e) historian (Ans: d)

15. The 11th biannual Financial Stability Report (FSR) released in June 2018 Gyi-
(A) by the Bank for International Settlements (b) by the Securities and Asschenj Board of India (c) by the World Economic Forum
(D) International Monetary Fund (e) by the Reserve Bank of India (Ans: e)

16. Switzerland and Liechtenstein’s official currency is-
(A) Euro (b) CFA bank (c) Pound Sterling (d) Swiss bank (e) US $ (Ans: d)

17. National Teachers’ Day in India is celebrated annually is-
(A) 6 नवम्बर (b) 6 सितम्बर (c) 5 सितम्बर (d) 5 नवम्बर (e) 6 अक्टूबर (Ans: c)

18. The Reserve Bank before the 2005 deadline for the change ….. is extended.
(A) मार्च 31, 2018 (b) December, 31, 2018 (c) सितम्बर 30, 2018 (d) जून 30, 2018 (e) सितम्बर 30, 2018 (Ans: b)

19. In December 2018 a bill was passed in the Lok Sabha, the regional rural banks to increase the authorized capital ….. provision.
(A) Rs. 5,000 million (b) Rs. 500 million (c) Rs. 2,000 crore (d) Rs. 1,000 crore (e) Rs. 250 million (Ans: c)

20. A multipurpose sports stadium Kalinga Stadium, which is- located
(A) Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh (b) Patiala, Punjab (c) Bhubaneswar, Orissa (d) Nagpur, Maharashtra (e) Indore, Madhya Pradesh (Ans: c)

21. Recently, new NASA spacecraft Horijns frozen methane on the surface of the planet which is detected.
(A) Pluto (b) Venus (c) Jupiter (d) Mercury (e) Mars (Ans: a)

22. Nifty 50 or a stock market index, Nifty Forms
(A) the NASDAQ, New York, (b) the National Stock Exchange of India (c) The Bombay Stock Exchange of India
(D) the Shanghai Stock Exchange of China (e) Stock Exchange of Taiwan Taipei (Ans: b)

23. Which country’s largest city and the capital-to Vienna
(A) Belgium (b) Italy (c) Austria (d), Germany (e) Poland (Ans: c)

24. Which of the following European countries recently, the International Monetary Fund does not repay the loan, the first European country declared Hua-
(A) Belarus (b) Poland (c) Greece (d) Albania (e) Liechtenstein (Ans: c)

25. Inshyurens SBI Life Insurance Company Limited F joint stock company which is a subsidiary of State Bank of India and ……
(A) New York Life Inshyurens Company (b) Prudential Life Inshyurens Company (c) Standard Life Inshyurens company
(D) BNP Paribas Ashyurens (e) Life Insurance Corporation (Ans: d)

26. What river in the world’s longest river, is known as?
(A) Chang Jiang (Yengtji), China (b) Neil Africa (c) Mississippi, USA (d) Missouri, USA (e) The Amazon, The. USA (Ans: b)

27. Floyd Jr. Medevr is related to which game?
(A) Tennis (b) Cricket (c) football (d) Hockey (e) Boxing (Ans: e)

28. International daily journal is published by the Global Times, where is-
(A) France (b) Singapore (c) Russia (d) China (e) Japan (Ans: d)

29. Recently BIBEK DEBROY committee which was to reform and restructure?
(A) IR (b) public bank (c) the insurance sector (d) India’s legal system (e) The Shipping Corporation Limited (Ans: a)

30. AB recently announced a Rs pension plan. 1000 from Rs. 5000 per month for a limited amount will be provided to any person between the age of 18 ……
(A) 55 years (b) 40 years (c) 45 years (d) 50 years (e) 60 years (Ans: b)

31. The recently launched micro units Development and refinance Agency (currency) plan to fund early to-
(A) Rs. 50,000 crore (b) Rs. 25,000 crore (c) Rs. 20,000 crore (d) Rs. 10,000 crore (e) Rs. 5,000 crore (Ans: c)

32. Kaiga atomic energy center located in the Indian state is-
(A) Telangana (b) Karnataka (c) Andhra Pradesh (d) Tamil Nadu (e) Maharashtra (Ans: b)

33. A recent research paper published by the World Economic Forum, in India-the largest employer
(A) Tata Consultancy Service (b) State Bank of India (c) Indian Post (d) IR (e) Indian Army (Ans: d)

34. cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s autobiography was published Q. By what name?
(A) The Race of My Life (b) My Country My Life (c) The Book of My Life
(D) The Test of My Life (e) One Life is the Enough (Ans: d)

35. Recently, the world’s first electric passenger aircraft ‘BOCTE’ which was created by the country.
(A) Canada (b) U. of. (C) u. s. a. (D) China (e) Russia (Ans: d)

36. DR. Nasim Zaidi department took over what is?
(A) The Chief Election Commissioner (b) the Chief Vigilance Commissioner (c) the Chief Justice of India
(D) The Chief Commissioner PWD (e) Chief Information Commissioner (Ans: a)

37. Starting with capital of $ 100 Biliyr the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank have established the headquarters Forms
(A) Jakarta (b) BEIJING (c) Taiwan (d) Singapore (e) Tokyo (Ans: b)

38. India-Africa Forum Summit 2018: the host country
(A) India (b) Nigeria (c) Zimbabwe (d) The. Africa (e) Mauritius (Ans: a)

39. Which of the following recently appointed president of the International Cricket Council’s?
(A) Bangladesh Shakib-al-Hasan, former Kmpan (b) Former Bangladesh captain Mohammad Arshfull (c) Former Pakistan captain Younis Khan
(D) Former Pakistan Kmpan Zaheer Abbas (e) Former Sri Lanka captain Sanath Jayasuriya (Ans: d)

40. Recently, Mr. KV Kamath, ICICI Bank’s non-executive chairman, who resigned to become chief.
(A) The SAARC Development Bank (b) New BRICS Development Bank (c) The Asian Development Bank
(D) the African Development Bank (e) Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (Ans: b)