Ungli Bollywood Movie Review By Expert Raj Sing

Ungli Bollywood Movie Review By Expert Raj Sing 
“Ordinary man and his fear” I don’t think this topic is old in India any time soon. Especially if there are new ideas, how many ever impractical they might be. And new, easily digestible solutions, which even more easy calls activism is exactly what Ungli Mat offers.

The impressive thing about writing is that it’s not just picks subjects that you and I come across on a daily basis and its own style of solution. It goes a bit beyond. It creates an intriguing character and gives the sign a dilemma-a real dilemma that you can see him fight inside. That doesn’t take away from the fact that the “ungli mat activism” episodes itself are quite well thought out.

I especially enjoyed the rickshaw episode. No, not because it is closer to heart. Maybe a little because they picked an issue that civil sense. Maybe a bit more because it was not against the usual suspects-politicians/law enforcement. Even a little more because they dare a finger on the not-so-rich class. But, most because of the point in the story that it is done. And how, these facts-that the goal is not the typical ones and not rich makes unforeseen complications. This also leads to a change in the dynamics of the relationships between other characters.

Such bright detail in writing is so rare in Hindi films, especially the mainstream movies that I take joy in them. It comes as a cherry on the cake, when the performances usually subdued and no melodrama is. Of course, the whole “fear” bit come across as dramatic at some points. But then again, I can see myself getting worked out so much, if I see a halt in the middle of the road to someone drop off car. Here, the problems were bigger and the reasons too.

Randeep Hooda, Emraan Hashmi, Angad Bedi and Neil Bhopalam all play their bit well and actually look like real people in the real world. Maybe that refer to itself line by Emraan Hashmi could have avoided because it just reminds you of the actor rather than keep him character.

On the other hand, I loved the fact that Neha Dhupia and Kangna Ranaut who came into the industry heavy banking or heavily used for their oomph-factor, are now slowly on non-glam avatars. Only that neither of them was wearing anything blingy was also good enough.

I think it was too much to ask from the creators to prevent an item number. Shraddha Kapoor trying to make some point with her appearance as a bar dancer. A song that not even her one line well while the man in the song lip-sync does the honors.

These things in the beginning of the film to make a little careful for what’s coming. But as the movie progresses, such annoying bits are held at Bay and you. And you actually get involved.

A fascinating film Ungli mat is. But as observed in another movie not too long ago, “human behavior and life does not change in 3 hours.”

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