TCS Interview Questions Placement Paper Pattern

TCS Interview Questions Placement Paper Pattern : TCS placement paper pattern company 2018 with the same kind of aptitude exam questions and answers for the career pursued by a freshers or software professionals to reference before they attend a written exam for a job in TCS.

TCS Interview Questions Placement Paper Pattern

There is nothing you lose even when you know, its always good to reference as many TCS previous placement paper pattern questions as possible before appear for aptitude test for more success rate in TCS.

If 75 percent of a 10th class students passed the written exam, 55 percent passed the aptitude test and 20 percent passed none of the trials, then what is the percentage of pass in a class?

Answer: 50%

If login = 0.4121 0.215 and log 0.216 = 0.4142 then log .217 values?

Answer: 0.4163

A wind is blowing 120 miles in 250 min. for 60 miles how much time it takes

Answer: 250 min

In a mixture of mango, mango and sugar water, as water & are mixed in 3: 5 ratio and water and sugar are mixed in 8: 5 ratio and if the final mixture 35 litres, the quantity of water?

Answer: 15.73

A and B have 20 rupees in their pockets to pay hotel bill, if A 42 B 28 idlis idlis ate and ate. How much A suppose to pay?

Answer: 12 rupees.

Ramu, Sita, Gita can do a piece of work in 6 days, Ramu can do in 14 days, Sita can do the 16 days and in how many days Gita can do the same work?

Answer: 24 days

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