Outsourcing jobs in Telangana Government 2018

657 outsourcing jobs in Telangana:- Government of Telangana with GO MS 111 on 8 Sep 2018 Administrative sanction was  accorded for 657 outsourcing jobs in Telangana, among others, to start ten (10) schools (i.e. Bellampalli(B), Manakonduru(B), Alampur(B), Chennur (G), Wardhannapet (B), Danavayigudem (G), Kulcharam (G), Gopalpet (G), Domakonda (G) and Gachibowli (G)), one (1) institution as Centre for Excellence (Karimnagar) and one Residential Sports School(G) at Raikote under the control of the Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society.
Schedule Caste Development Department have proposed for creation of certain Teaching and Non-teaching Posts for the TSWR Schools under the control of the Secretary, TSWREIS, Hyderabad.
After careful examination of the proposal of the S.C. Development  Department, Government hereby sanction 657 (six hundred and fifty seven only) teaching and non teaching posts on regular basis in the TSWREIS as shown below: