Justin Trudeau sworn in as new Canada prime minister

Canada’s new leader, Justin Trudexau, are sworn in as premier, ending 10 years of conservative rule.
His ascension marks a new era of liberal politics after an election that saw Stephen Harper’s Party expelled.
Mr Trudeau, 43, follows in the footsteps of his father, who held the Office for nearly two decades.
En route could see an increase in government spending, better relations with the United States and an increase in the number of Syrian refugees.
Mr Trudeau whispered “I love you” to his family after his inauguration.
The new ministers, who are usually between 35 and 50 years old, took their oaths in the bilingual ceremony.
Trudeau’s Cabinet has an equal number of men and women, with the new PM touting his team diversity.
After the ceremony asked a journalist Mr Trudeau why having a gender-balanced Cabinet was so important.
The Prime Minister replied, “because it’s 2018”, and then took out wild applause.
The former school teacher turned politician was elected to Parliament in 2008, and is the second youngest Prime Minister in Canadian history.
He was chosen after you’ve performed on to reject a plan of austerity and spend billions on infrastructure projects which would see Canada unchanged a deficit for three years.
The plan attracted the attention of a Canadian voters hungry for change after a decade under the rule of Prime Minister Harper.
Mr. Harper’s political platform included plans that saw corporate and VAT rates cut as well as Canada’s remove from a climate change agreement.
The Conservative Prime Minister was also outraged at Mr Obama’s reluctance to approve the Keystone XL pipeline that is designed for the transport of oil from the Alberta to Texas.

For his part, Mr Trudeau believes the pipeline should be approved, but does not consider that the disagreement so heavily on relations between the us Canada roads should.

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