IBM Company Placement Paper Pattern – IBM Interview Questions

IBM company Placement Paper Pattern - IBM Interview Questions
IBM Company

IBM company Placement Paper Pattern – IBM Interview Questions : IBM company placement paper pattern 2013 with some of the aptitude questions and answers for IT freshers and experienced professionals refer before attending a written test for a job in IBM.

There is nothing you loose even when you know, its always good to reference as many questions as possible before appear for aptitude test paper placement in IBM for maximum success rate.

Find the missing term in a given number of series 34, 32, 35, 29,…, 20
In a library, there are 4 clusters, each of them has 55 books (module). 1st week 2nd week 63 books are used, be in 75 books and used books in the 3rd week 95. What fraction of books are used?

A passenger train is 200 m with a speed of 70 km/hr travel. In what time the passenger train passes through a man, running on 10 km/hr in the same direction in which passenger train goes?

The angle of elevation of the highest Tower is 50 degrees the point P on a level ground. As the Tower 120 metres high, is the distance from point P of the foot of the Tower?

A man walks 8 km towards North and then turns to the left. After 3 km walk he turns to the right and 8 km walk. Now where is he from the starting point?

A plane starts from a place B, the 2000 kms north than 1000 km south than 500 km East and 300 km to the West, what is the distance from the beginning place?

The ratio of boys and girls in a college is 9: 6. As the percentage increase in the number of boys and girls are respectively 30% and 20%, what will be the new ratio?

Saturday is the first day of 2000, what is the last day?

Boat speed is 20 km/h in still water as it travels 28 km downstream, 12 km upstream in the same amount of time, what is the speed of the stream?
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