I GATE Comp Interview Experience and Paper Pattern

I GATE Comp Interview Experience and Paper Pattern 2018: iGATE campus placement was performed in Don Bosco Institute of technology.

First round was PPT. they gave some important information about their business.

Next round was aptitude test. This was a written test, each student will be given an OMR sheet and a sheet of paper for rough work (only 1 leaf). Aptitude consists of 50 questions for 60 minutes.

It consisted of quants (profit loss, time speed distance, time & & work, numbers, simplification, pipes and cistern, probability, permutations and comb), logical (photo series, analogy, directions, jumbled letters, images, blood relatives, conclusions) and finally, verbal (synonyms, antonyms, paragraph questions). Logical and verbal were easy but quants was little time.


If you have selected don’t get don’t care a belief that a company to hire you wait. Try try try again so don’t lose hope until you success.

Next round was Tech interview. They asked questions about Unix, C, C++. HR-round was a normal like other companies with some basic question.

Good luck.

Hello Hello. Greetings to everyone.

I am here to share my conversation experience in iGate on April 27, bangalore.

It was a reference ride and with the letter of the call before 8.30 8.30 am when I interview reaches the listed time. A lot of crowd nearly 200 people there.

We were allowed in the company premises by 8.30 and verification of our call letters were done. :).

Altogether there were three rounds.

1. written TEST.
2. technical round.
3. HR.

After verification, we were in a room where our written TEST taken.

Written test consists of 50 questions. 20 English and 30 fitness and reasoning.

The documents are in set type. Set a. Set b. etc. We got an OMR sheet to fill out our answers. Before they to fill it please listen to the instructions properly.

Coming to the written pattern. I remember hardly questions.

In English the questions as follows:

* 1 passage (5 questions).
* Articles (1 or 2 questions).
* The correct and incorrect sentences (2 questions).
* Prepositions (1 questions).
* Suffix, prefix, synonym, antonym (each 1 questions).

In fitness, question covered from.

Average, ages, fractures, directions, pipes and cisterns, time and work, time and distance, train problema (any topic 1 to 2 question were given). Preparation of r. S agarwal for example problems is sufficient to delete.

I remember some question of aptitude.

1. pipe a, b, c can fill a tank in 6, 8, 9 am. If all the pipes are open at the same time, how long it will take to fill the tank?

2. If North South West, South west is easy, as all directions be changed in the same way than what is the direction for west?

3. the average age of a person is 100. When a person dies it fell on 18. How old was the person?

4. If blue is encoded as 118 then color coded as?

In reasoning. Statements and conclusions. A table and related questions and analogy as warm: oven, cold:?

After written test they make us to wait for a few mins and results were explained.

Almost 50 members were selected for the next round.

In technical round:

I was called, in the interviewer welcomed me with a smile that asked me to settle down and introduce myself, I told.

Have a look at your resume before applying. They will ask questions completely from your CV so keep the topics that once you are convinced only.

He asked me questions of testing and C language.

What is sanity testing?

Why do we use semicolons in C?

What is a linked list and its applications?

Different types of test?

If you are a team leader and team member will not be able to complete your work on time. And he listens not your words. How can you solve this problem?

And he checked my writing skill.

That’s it. My technical round was completed.

After a waiting time of 15 minutes, which I am called for HR round. There she asked about tell me about your self and formalities such as displacement, are willing to work in night shifts etc.

After that she gave a form and ask us to fill it. And our original certificates verified.

That’s it. They said to leave it for the day. And informs the result by mail.

After 10 days on May 8, I got the mail that I am selected. It’s just an email confirmation. Still waiting for letter offer.

I am glad that my job search ends here and enter in igate.