Gram Panchayats of Uttar Pradesh Job Recruitment 16432 Panchayat Assistant

In Gram Panchayats of Uttar Pradesh 16,432 Panchayat Assistant will be recruiting for complicity of Panchayat Secretaries Recruitment will be done by outsourcing Set Com system will develop for Village Panchayats | Gram Panchayats of Uttar Pradesh Job Recruitment 16432 Panchayat Assistant.
Panchayat UP Assistant Recruitment 2018
Important notice:-16,432 Panchayat In Uttar Pradesh, there will be Assistant Secretaries under Village Panchayat for help of Panchayat will be recruited. Recruitment will be done by means of Out Sourcing. Recruitment process will start soon.
According to the Chief Secretary, there will be recruitment of Panchayat Sahayak for assistance from Panchayat Secretaries in Gram Panchayats. Recruitment process will be based on outsourcing & process will begin with immediate effect.
Chief Secretary gave approval to new Recruitment suggested amount of money of Rs 265.69 crore for annual work procedure.
Changes in Panchayat system:-In Panchayat system, there will be the following changes run:-
Set of Com system will apply for changing Panchayat system.
10 000Panchayat Secretaries, will be provided with Laptop.
Panchayati & Assistant Department head of the officers will be linked to CUG SIM.
There will be proposal providing 1500 Computers to Gram Panchayats.
According to the proposal of the State Election Commission, voter allocation centres will & local areas of Panchayats happen.
t will be interesting to see the modified Panchayats, if all these changes will run correctly. Candidates are advised to get in touch with our website for the latest Updates.

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