GA For Comparative Exams Major Floods Happened in 2018 – General Awareness 2018

GA For Comparative Major Floods Happened in 2018 – General Awareness 2018 exams : Major Floods happened in 2018

Floods and Landslides in India

    Date   :  End of June 2018
    Cause  :  river overflows in India’s north-eastern State of Assam, causing damage and evacuations
    Areas Affected  :  Odisha , Assam States
    Deaths reported  as per 24th July 2018  :  Nearly 150 people
    People affected  :  over 25,000 people people had been affected in 42 villages across Assam in a second round of floods
    People rescued  :  reportedly rescued over 200,000 people

Floods in Bangladesh

    Date  :  13th August 2018
    Cause  :  continuous rainfall in north and northeastern Bangladesh, together with the onrush of water from upstream have caused flash floods in low-lying and densely populated areas
    Areas Affected  :  The most affected districts include Nilphamari, Lalmonirhat, Kurigram, Rangpur, Gaibandha, Jamalpur, Sirajganj, Sunamjong and Sylhet
    Deaths  reported  :  around 9 people
    People affected  :  . More than 800,000 people have been affected, including 500,000 displaced

Floods in Serbia:

    Date                            :  16th September 2018
    Areas                           :  Kladovo, Majdanpek and Negotin in Serbia
    People missing as per records :  3 approximately.
    People Rescued           :  Nearly 400.

Floods caused by Tropical Storm Fung-Wong

    Date                             :  19th September 2018
    Name of the calamity  :   Tropical Storm Fung-Wong (known as Mario in the Philippines)
    Areas affected            :  low lying areas of Luzon, including Metro Manila and the provinces of Bulacan and Rizal
    Report as per 24th September  :  16 people had been killed and around 1.8 million people had been affected across 27 provinces.

Floods in Cameroon

    Date    :  21st August 2018
    Cause :  severe flooding in Bibemi Subdivision in Cameroon’s North Region
    Rescue  :  A rapid assessment carried out by the Cameroon Red Cross

Floods in Pakistan

    Date  :  September First Week of 2018
    Root Cause   :  The rivers Chenab, Ravi, Sutlej, and Jhelum overflowed and brought flash floods
    Areas affected  :  Punjab, Gilgit Baltistan (GB) and Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK) regions
    Number of persons death as per 17th September 2018 due to flood   :  318 Nearly
    Total people affected   :  28,000 ( in AJK and Punjab

Floods at Niger

    Date  :  August  2018
    Cause  :  Ongoing heavy seasonal rainfall has caused flooding
    Areas affected  :  several parts of Niger.  Tillabéry was the most affected region, followed by Dosso, Maradi and Tahoua.
    Deaths  reported  :  nearly 38
    People affected  as per 5th Sep 2018 report  :  almost 60,000 people had been affected

Land Slides and floods in Nepal

    Date  :  2nd August  2018
    Cause  :  Heavy rain caused massive landslides from the hillside in Jure, Mankhaa Village Development Committee of Sindhupalchowk district in Nepal’s Central Region
    Most affected areas  :  Bihar
    Deaths  :  Nearly  156
    People affected  :  5,000 families had been displaced and dozens of houses destroyed

Floods in South Sudan

    Date  :  Starting of July month 2018
    Cause  :  flooding caused by seasonal rainfall started to worsen living conditions in displacement sites in parts of South Sudan
    People affected :  As of 15th Aug, over 68 per cent of the estimated 1.3 million people displaced within South Sudan were sheltering in flood-prone sites.
    Most affected areas  :  Juba (Central Equatoria) and Malakal (Upper Nile)

Floods in Myanmar

    Date   :  July 2018
    Cause  :  heavy seasonal rains, landslides and strong winds throughout Myanmar caused damage, flooding, landslides, and the collapse of riverbanks in several regions.
    Areas affected  :  Ayeyarwady, Kachin, Magway, Bago, Kayin, Rakhine, Shan, Tanintharyi and Yangon are the seviourly affected states.
    Report as per 8th August 2018  :  around 15,850 people from Kawao, Bago, Thanatpin and Wah townships were reported in temporary shelters

Floods in Sudan

    Date  :  June 2018 ending
    Cause  :  Due to rain fall  of 10mm within 30 days
    Areas affected  :  states of Khartoum, Nile, Kassala, North Kordofan, South Kordofan, White Nile and Sennar
    People affected  :  44,000 people were affected
    People died  :  39 people (approx. )
    Houses damaged  : 234 houses were destroyed, another 143 damaged and 150 latrines rendered dysfunctiona

Floods and landslides in Phillipines

    Date   :  13th June 2018
    Cause  : Flood
    Area  :  Maguindanao province
    People affected  :  17,063 families (85,315 people)

Floods in Srilanka

    Date  :  Early June 2018
    Cause  :  heavy rainfall with high winds  (  378mm of rainfall within six hours  )
    People Died  :  27
    People affected  :    104,476 people (25,538 families)

Floods in Russian Federation

    Date  :  Between 29 May and mid-June 2018
    Areas affected  :  Republics of Khakassia, Altai, Tuva and the Altai Territory  in Siberia,  Republic of Adygeya in North Caucasus of Russia
    People affected  :  22,545 nearly.

Floods in Paraguay

    Date   :  Starting of  May 2018
    Cause  :   rivers to overflow, resulting in serious flooding.
    Areas affected  :  Paraguay river basin, central Paraguay, Asunción
    People affected  :  160,000 people

Floods in Balkans

    Date  :  May 2018 mid
    Cause   :  wide-ranging floods
    Area  :  Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia
    People affected  :  32,000 people
    People displaced  :  90,000 were displaced
    Deaths  : resulted in 51 casualties, of which 23 were due to drowning
    Landslides  :  over 3,000 landslides

Flash floods and landslides in Afghanistan

    Date  :  31st March 2018
    Cause  :  Heavy rainfall resulting in flash floods on 24/25 Apr
    Areas affected  :  10 provinces of northern Afghanistan.  Jawzjan, Faryab and Sar-e-pul are the most affected provinces.
    Deaths  :  150 deaths
    People affected  :  125,000 people in 27 provinces in 123 districts

Floods and landslides in Tajikistan

    Date  :  11th April  and May – mid , 2018
    Cause  :  Heavy rains on 11-12 Apr caused floods and landslides
    Areas affected  :  Vose, Shurobod, and Hamadony districts and in Kulob city in the south of Tajikistan
    People affected  :  Nearly 1,072 families (5,360 people).
    People died  :  Nearly 15

Floods in Tanzania

    Date  :  21st January 2018
    Cause  :  Floods.
    Most affected areas  :  Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s largest city
    People affected  :  approximately  20,000 people
    Houses damaged  :  300 houses were damaged
    People died  :  19

Flash floods in Solomon

    Date  :  Beginning  of  April  2018
    Cause  :  Heavy rain from a tropical depression, which later became Tropical Cyclone Ita, caused severe flooding.
    Areas affected  :  Solomon Islands
    Deaths  :  22
    People affected  :  nearly  50,000.

Tropical cyclone Hellen caused floods

    Date   :  23rd March 2018  to  27th March 2018
    Cause  :  Tropical Cyclone Hellen caused heavy rains.  time Tropical Cyclone Hellen passed 100 km south of the island chain.
    Areas affected  :  Cabo Delgado Province
    People affected  :  1,234 households (a total of 6,788 people)  in  Anjouan Island,  1,929 households (9,645 people) in Cabo Delgado Province.
    Villages  affected  :  18 villages on Anjouan Island,  24 villages hit on  Moheli Island

Floods and landslides in Colombia

    Date  :  Middle of March , 2018
    Cause  :  Heavy rains
    People affected  :  41,151 people had been affected
    Areas affected  :  182 municipalities of the country

Tropical Cyclone Lusi

    Date  :  11th March 2018
    Cause  :  Tropical Cyclone Lusi
    Areas affected  :  across Torba, Sanma, Penama, Malampa and Shefa Province
    People affected  :  20000 people approximately
    Deaths  :  10

Floods in South Africa

    Date  :  5th March 2018
    Cause  :  approximately 97 mm of rain in 24 hours
    Areas affected  :  Nelspruit (Mpumalanga )
    People affected  :  six people drowned in the province of Mpumalanga

Floods in Burundi

    Date   :  9th February 2018
    Cause  :  flooding, mudslides and landslides
    Most affected areas  :  Kinyinya and Kijaga in Mutumbuzi commune, Bujumbura rural provinces
    People dead  :  64

Floods in Seychelles

    Date  :  24th January 2018
    Cause  :  Heavy rains and strong winds continuing for several days resulted in flooding
    Areas affected  :  islands of Praslin, La Digue and northern parts of Mahe in the Seychelles
    People affected  :  A total of 1,500 people in Marie Jeanne Estate on Praslin, and 2,500 people on La Digue have been affected

Flash floods in Zimbabwe

    Date  :  Late January  and early February  2018
    Cause  :  Heavy rains
    Areas most affected  :  were Chivi and Masvingo districts in Masvingo province and Tsholotsho district in Matabeleland North.

Flash Floods in Tanzania

    Date  :  21st January  2018
    Cause  :  heavy rains caused flash floods
    Areas most affected  :  Dumila/Dakawa area in Tanzania’s Morogoro region
    People affected  :  More than 10,000

Floods and Landslides at Bolivia

    Date  :  January 2018
    Cause  :  Heavy seasonal rain causes to floods and landslides
    Areas affected  :  several departments across Bolivia
    People died  :  56
    People affected  :  approximately  36,726, nearly 21,000 families

Floods and landslides in Philippines


    Date  :  10th January  2018
    Cause  :  heavy rainfall causing floods and landslides developed into Tropical Depression Lingling (locally known as Agaton)
    Areas affected  :  X, XI, XII, CARAGA and ARMM of Philippines
    People affected  :  1,148,000 people


    Date  :  01st February 2018
    Cause  :  Tropical storm Kajiki (locally known as Basyang)
    Ares affected :    central Philippines
    People dead  :  3
    People affected  :  Over 18,000

Earthquake and Floods in Colombia

    Date  :  4th January 2018
    Calamity  :  An earthquake that struck Sipí in Colombia’s western Chocó department
    Date  :  6th Jan 2018
    Calamity  :  the San Agustín and Garrapatas overflowed in the same area, possibly related to the earlier earthquake
    People affected :  nearly 9000 people
    Homes spoiled  :  150 houses

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