Ali Quli Mirza Wild Card Entry Bigg Boss 8

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While one of the USPs of Bigg Boss battles and the drama continues, it is the wild card post annually those most eyeballs seizes. And Bigg Boss kind of has a record when it comes to wild card entries. Remember season 5 of Sunny Leone entry? Of course, do please.
And last night around 1: 30 AM in the House, yet another post-Ali Quli Mirza wildcard characters entered. Like everyone else, we also were shell shocked and had no idea about this Mr Ali. But we dug up some dirt, and it seems that he is much got on his sleeve. Here’s what you need to know about Bigg Boss 8 last wild card entry Ali Quli Mirza.
1. Ali is that a Dubai based actor-singer with some popular songs in Arabic.
2. He has also said in an interview that he would like to romance every girl in the House. Vrij a flirt, we see!
3. He is now based in Mumbai, since his debut Bollywood movie ‘ Roar ‘ is scheduled for release by the end of October.
4. He is also the first captain in the House Bigg Boss 8, and the precap shows him act like quite a task master.
5. He seems to have made some Bollywood friends as well.

Images of Ali Quli Mirza

Singer Ali Quli Mirza Wild Card Entry Bigg Boss 8

Ali Quli Mirza with Sunny Leone

Ali Quli Mirza With Sunny Leone Hot Wild Card Entry Bigg Boss 8